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The Regenerative Business: Eliminating Toxic Practices and Redesigning Businesses "I can create the mind of a CEO in All of Your Business Decisions, Work Activities and Engagements." Carol Sanford Google, Intel, DuPont, Apple, Colgate, Mexico Innovation Summit, Istanbul Innovation, UN Foundation, are just a few of the clients I've worked with for many years, providing consultive-learning, keynotes and education. I launched two start- up companies, a digital fashion pattern company, sold to Vogue for 6 X initial investment and a commercial leasing company which sold for 10Xs initial investment, in less than a decade. With all the accumulated knowledge from my experiences, I turned to teaching and educating businesses globally- creating rapid, double digit growth, all the while making work meaningful and fun. I embed Responsibility into decision-making and action-taking - and wrote two books of case stories about these experiences to inspire and instruct others. I speak from this deep history of educating and consultative-learning with executives and entrepreneurs to innovate and grow their businesses, with responsible growth designed in, strategically. My audiences are: Corporate business unit Leaders and their teams. Growth-stage entrepreneurs and their teams. Associations of C-suite business leaders. Those who want to grow their business, their people and themselves with great financial outcomes, all while being responsible. I offer proven frameworks to ensure you find your growth path. I am the Executive Producer of The Regenerative Business Summit and the Regenerative Business Prize, held annually in Seattle, WA. I support established corporations and new economy businesses in developing leaders toward the business of the 21st Century.


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10 Reviews
Jessica Lipnack and David McConville Co-chairs, Board of Directors, Buckminster Fuller Institute
Far from a theoretical

With immense clarity and precision, Carol’s Regenerative Business approach demonstrates the relevance of Buckminster Fuller's axiom "to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" to work design and organizational development. Carol not only shines a bright light on outdated (and often invisible) paradigms, she also illuminates the potential of applying regenerative principles of living systems to businesses. Far from a theoretical, her works details practical frameworks for developing regenerative processes and real-world examples of how they have been successfully applied. Carol skillfully navigates the reader on trajectory towards ways of seeing and being in the world that couldn't be more timely or essential.

December 2017

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Lara Lee, President Orchard Supply Hardware
Carol’s ideas are grounded in rigorous research and deeply lived experience

Carol’s ideas are grounded in rigorous research and deeply lived experience; as a result, they are profoundly effective. She explains her approach using diverse real-world examples and with candor that is both clarifying and refreshing. She is one of the rare domain experts in the world who repeatedly invites us to “test and see if it is true for you,” ensuring that principles are examined and internalized as they are applied. Leading growth-oriented transformation in a complex and challenging environment requires extensive culture change. Utilizing the frameworks presented in The Regenerative Business approach produces significant cultural shifts across all levels and functional areas of our organization after only six months. Customers feel the difference, and associates are finding both their work and personal relationships becoming more purposeful, meaningful and satisfying.

December 2017

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Nathan Long, President, Saybrook University, Oakland, CA and Bellevue, WA
a fresh, inspiring approach

Carol Sanford takes the idea of disruptive innovation, challenging the reaidience. ader to ultimately reimagine the goals of such disruption incorporating people-centric, development philosophy into the hard work of change. Central to her thesis is the idea the disruptive innovation - when done well - "…has the power to regenerate whole industries and markets." A powerful assertion, Ms. Sanford she takes this concept and incorporates a systems lens that offers a fresh, inspiring approach to understanding that disruptive innovation is not simply about building businesses or empires for that matter; rather, disruptive innovation is a standing invitation to leaders and organizations to grasp the opportunity to create the conditions for individual, societal, and even ecological transformation. Sanford ably weaves together a compelling book that shifts our focus from the standard technocratic, mechanistic view of the business world to a more comprehensive view that places the human being at the center. This humanistic, systems approach can truly help organizational leaders of all types drive change, while also recognizing the power of people who are the center of any organizational endeavor. In the end, "The Regenerative Business" is a critical addition to the larger body of new thinking around people-centered workplaces, change management, and disruptive innovation pushing us to recognize Sanford's powerful point that ultimately "…the work of growing great companies turns out to be, as well, the work of growing ourselves."

December 2017

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