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Brian Fielkow | Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author & Company Culture Expert

Your audience will leave with the tools to help them grow their business through establishing a healthy overall company or safety culture. Brian says: "The most important differentiator in my presentations is that I spend very little time on theory or platitudes. I provide my audiences with practical, hands on tools that they can implement immediately to bring their performance to the next level. Having attended dozen of presentations in my career, I often walk away thinking “that was great – but how do I operationalize the content?” My presentations focus on 'easy to implement/low cost/high value' ideas that companies of any size can operationalize immediately. My speaking style is designed to match my presentations - it is designed to be relatable – to convey that “we’re all in this together.” It’s a conversation – not a lecture.". Having spoken to more than 50,000 people internationally on the importance of establishing a healthy company or safety culture and how to create one, Brian offers audiences a unique experience by providing hands-on tools so that leaders can go back to their companies and begin the journey of guiding their employees to excellence. Brian invests time up front. He learns your audience’s specific challenges and opportunities and will customize his presentation to your requirements. Brian also offers interactive workshops to accompany his presentation. Brian Fielkow is a successful "main street" business leader, facing the same daily challenges as you when it comes to building a business. He has learned that by focusing on growing his company's overall culture, including its safety culture, he has dramatically grown his business. When it comes to building a vibrant culture, Brian shares what works ― and what doesn't ― with audiences internationally. By providing you with hands-on tools to creating and sustaining a healthy culture, Brian is able to help set you on the path to taking your company to new heights. Audiences leave Brian's presentations with a toolkit of high value, easy to implement ideas for any sized company that can be put into action immediately. Most Requested Keynotes: Driving to Perfection Brian Fielkow provides his audience with hands-on tools to create a healthy company culture, which directly ties to bottom-line results. Culture is what sets companies apart from competition, and Brian offers audiences a unique approach to cultivating a healthy culture that promotes employee empowerment and accountability. As a business leader running his own entrepreneurial company, Brian does not focus on the theory behind culture, but rather provides strategies for executives and managers to create and sustain their own company’s culture. By sharing how to manage and drive change, as well as distinguish between values and priorities, executives, no matter the size of their company, can grow their bottom line. Driving to Perfection covers the following: • What is culture and why is it important? • Tools for leaders to drive organizational change • Strategies to anchor your culture to your front-line employees • How to identify culture killers and drive them out of your organization • A game plan to put ideas into action immediately Value to Audience Members: Audience members will leave with practical ideas for evaluating, creating and anchoring their company’s culture in order to transform their organization. By providing low-cost, high-value ideas, Brian is able to set his audiences on the path to growing their bottom line with concrete actions steps to building a thriving culture. ______________________ Leading People Safely When it comes to working in high-consequence industries, safety must be a core value. Brian’s presentation provides audiences with hands-on tools to build a culture of prevention, by emphasizing the importance of behavior-based safety and differentiating between values and priorities so that your team makes safety a way of life. Leading People Safely covers the following: • What is a safety culture, and why is it important? • Tools for leaders to drive a safety culture throughout an organization • How to promote accountability – make the safe decision, even when no one is looking • Ten leadership principles to deliver extraordinary safety results • A game plan to establish and grow your safety culture Value to Audience Members: Fast growing businesses can sometimes put safety on the backburner because they see safety it as a cost. Through this presentation, audience members will have a greater understanding that safety is an investment with profound bottom line results. It is measured through profitability, customer satisfaction and employee morale, and Brian will offer tools for creating a vibrant culture of prevention.


3010 Aldine Bender Road
Houston, Texas 77032
United States

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5 Reviews
Kathryn Mujezinovic, Business Development, Link Staffing
We continue to reiterate the messages that Brian taught us.

“Prior to his presentation, Brian took time to get to know our business, challenge areas and areas of outstanding performance. This allowed him to tailor an impactful presentation and workshop to our audience’s specific needs. Brian’s message that safety and operations can work together to improve the overall company culture, all while continuing to grow the business, is exactly what we strive for. The feedback we received confirmed that his presentation was both relevant and engaging, and we continue to reiterate the messages that Brian taught us.”

November 2018

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Brian’s event beats them all.

"As a NASA employee, I was required to participate in many training sessions regarding leadership, project management and safety. Brian’s event beats them all. I know I will benefit greatly from the experience."

November 2018

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WALTER ULRICH President & CEO Houston Technology Center
What an experience!

What an experience! Brian Fielkow was the December luncheon speaker at our executive group. Brian is interesting, informative, inspirational and impressive. He lives, breathes and teaches culture, and not a single person left the room without having new ideas and action items to improve their organizations. It was a stellar way to close the year.

November 2018

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