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Brent Gleeson | Navy SEAL, Leadership Expert + Team Building Virtual Keynote Presentations Online

Brent Gleeson is a Navy SEAL combat veteran with multiple combat tours to Iraq and Africa. Upon leaving SEAL Team 5, Brent turned his discipline and battlefield lessons to the world of business and has become an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, and acclaimed speaker and consultant on topics ranging from leadership and building high-performance teams to culture and organizational transformation. Brent is the Founder and CEO of TakingPoint Leadership, a progressive leadership and management consulting firm with a focus on business transformation and building high-performance cultures. WHAT DOES BRENT TALK ABOUT? Resilience & Principles for Building High-Performance Teams. As a former Navy SEAL, Brent has insight into how the most elite teams operate. He’s taken principles learned in SEAL training, combat and his experience as a business owner and developed a culture driven approach to leadership, change management, and business transformation. Brent shares his unique methods and easy-to-implement strategies through his ten-step program for building and maintaining high-performance teams by helping companies align their mission and goals with desired business results. He gives leaders and managers actionable insights and a framework for successful execution with a strong emphasis on communication, culture, engagement, accountability, trust, and resiliency. SPEAKER TOPICS • MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE THROUGH TRUST, TEAMWORK & ACCOUNTABILITY In this presentation, Brent draws connections between how high-performance teams in any environment can leverage trust, teamwork, and accountability to achieve their goals. He provides tools for improving trust that have a measurable economic impact on any organization. He also dives into how building a culture of accountability can have game-changing effects and drive a team to achieve more than they ever expected to. • LEADERSHIP LESSONS FOR ELITE TEAMS This presentation is specific to leadership at all levels. Brent compares stories from the battlefield, the lessons learned, and how those lessons apply to leadership at any level across any type of organization or team. Brent talks about how to build a culture of leadership, servant leadership, adaptive change management, and much more. The audience will leave with at least three key takeaways that they can start applying to their personal and professional lives immediately. • CRUSHING YOUR GOALS & ACHIEVING THE IMPOSSIBLE This presentation is designed to motivate teams at all levels and across any type of organization. Brent shares stories from combat and talks about teamwork, persistence, adaptation, sacrifice, and how elite teams really achieve success and win. The audience will be able to apply lessons learned to their personal and professional lives immediately. • A NAVY SEAL’S PRINCIPLES FOR NAVIGATING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE In today’s more volatile, unpredictable and complex business environments businesses can find themselves in almost constant states of change. But more change initiatives fall short or fail due to a lack of leadership alignment, the proper culture founded on accountability and trust and poor discipline. In this presentation, Gleeson provides actionable principles for managers to use in leading an organization through change. • PRIORITIZING PEOPLE CULTURE & VALUES TO ACHIEVE RESULTS People, culture, and values often have a reputation for being a “soft” element of management’s priorities and not directly tied to improving profitability. Yet, many studies show that leading with culture makes an organization stronger, more resilient and much more profitable. Gleeson shares correlations between SEAL culture and high-performance teams in business and how prioritizing people, culture and values drive a company to achieve better results. • BUILDING HIGH-TRUST ORGANIZATIONS THAT ACHIEVE WINNING RESULTS Productivity, income, and profits of any organization can be directly negatively or positively impacted depending on the levels of trust within the team. Trust is one of the most critical elements of a strong team culture that gets results and successfully navigates change. In this presentation, Gleeson shares the seven principles for building high-trust organizations: Integrity of Leadership, Investing in Respect, Empowering Everyone, Accountability for All, Creating a Winning Vision, Keeping the Team Informed, and Embracing Sacrifice. ** for full information on Brent's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


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United States

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5 Reviews
Scott Sweet President, MAHMT
In 25 years we have never had a more dynamic and captivating speaker.

In 25 years we have never had a more dynamic and captivating speaker, who certainly provided a message that resonated with all the first responders and hazardous materials technicians in the room.

April 2020

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Tressa Daniels Carefusion
I've never felt more motivated.

I was lucky enough to be in the audience a couple weeks ago when you spoke at my company. I wanted to tell you how fantastic it was. At one point my heart was racing, hands were shaking and palms were sweating. I've never felt more motivated. Thank you!!

April 2020

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Alisha Nowlin Boeing
Nothing but positive feedback...

I wanted to let you know that I have received nothing but positive feedback from the ELDP members. I have been told over and over again that you were the highlight of the event — so THANK YOU!!!

April 2020

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