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Bonnie Marcus | Speaker, Executive Coach, Forbes Contributor & Author

Award-winning entrepreneur and Forbes contributing writer, Bonnie Marcus, M.Ed., assists women in successfully navigating the workplace, so they can position and promote themselves to advance their careers. She also consults with companies to establish processes to best support and retain their female talent. A popular keynote speaker, Bonnie inspires and motivates the audience to embrace their ambition and take control of their careers. With 20+ years of sales and management experience, Bonnie’s extensive business background includes CEO of a ServiceMaster company and VP of Sales at Medical Staffing Network, as well as two other national companies in the healthcare and software industries. She has held executive positions in startup companies and Fortune 500 companies. SPEAKING Bonnie’s keynotes and workshops focus on how women and men can reach their full potential and realize their goals. Her topics also address leadership and diversity issues including how companies can support and retain women. Her audiences are corporations, associations, and conferences. Bonnie's clients include 3M, Salesforce, Boston Scientific, Heineken, Credit Suisse, Watermark Conference for Women, LeanIn Women's Leadership Summit, and Prudential. KEYNOTES: • THE POLITICS OF PROMOTION: NAVIGATING THE REALITY OF THE WORKPLACE What does it take to get ahead? Bonnie offers a blueprint for how to get the promotion you deserve. • OWN YOUR AMBITION Based on her extensive research on women and ambition, Bonnie discusses what holds women back from owning their ambition and what it takes to embrace it with authenticity. • BE A BADASS AT ANY AGE: WOMEN EMBRACING THEIR POWER AND AMBITION What does it mean to be a badass over 50? Bonnie discusses what it takes for women to own the power of their age. • THE DOUBLE WHAMMY OF GENDERED AGEISM FOR WOMEN AND COMPANIES Women over 50 face both age and gender discrimination in the workplace. Bonnie talks about what it takes for women to keep their jobs and what companies can do to retain them. • STRATEGIC NETWORKING: HOW TO IDENTIFY AND CULTIVATE THE WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIPS THAT COUNT The most powerful networks are purposeful and intentional. Bonnie discusses what strategic network is, the benefits, and how to create one to further your career advancement. • MASTERING THE ART OF SAVVY SELF-PROMOTION Despite knowing its importance, most people shy away from advocating for themselves. Bonnie offers her proven method to effectively and powerfully showcase your accomplishments without losing your integrity. • YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU: THAT’S A PROBLEM! When you surround yourself with people who look and think like you, you are in a bubble that can hinder your potential as a leader. Bonnie describes the personal bubble we live in, how that negatively affects our leadership, and what companies can do to break out of their bubble to survive and thrive today. • STEP INTO YOUR WHOLE SELF: OVERCOMING THE LIMITING BELIEFS AND FEARS THAT HOLD YOU BACK The fears and assumptions we have about ourselves limit our ability to reach our full potential. Bonnie helps the audience identify these limiting beliefs and overcome them for personal and professional success. • WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE WORKPLACE POST #METOO Based on her research and interviews, Bonnie outlines how the workplace has changed for men and women and what companies and their employees can do to improve the culture. • WHAT COMPANIES CAN DO TO ATTRACT, RETAIN, AND PROMOTE WOMEN Companies are missing the boat when it comes to retaining and promoting women. Bonnie addresses where diversity initiatives fail and how companies can create effective programs to support women. • A SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO ASSERTIVE AND CONFIDENT LEADERSHIP In this keynote, Bonnie outlines how women can be assertive and confident in order to position themselves for success. ★For full information on Bonnie's services and bespoke options click to her website from this profile★



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2 Reviews
Lisa Champagne-Minyard, Thrive Program Manager, Women’s Economic Ventures

Her engaging workshop provided clients with new tools and A RENEWED SENSE OF EMPOWERMENT.

February 2020

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Carolyn Gan, Program Director, Watermark Conference for Women
Bonnie speaks with authority...

Bonnie speaks with authority and passion about how successful women navigate their careers. HER WORK IS PERSPECTIVE-SHIFTING AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, ACTIONABLE.

February 2020

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