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If Your Audience Is Retail Store Owners, You Won’t Find A Better Speaker Than Bob Negen! Give your retailers the information and motivation they need to be GREAT! From hardware stores, to gift stores, to boutiques and beyond… every retail business can benefit from Bob’s expertise. You’ll get a retail speaker who knows what retailers face, the challenges and opportunities and how to deal with them. Bob’s hard-hitting and often hilarious training stories come from over two decades in the retail industry building his own retail store from a pitiful $17,000 in annual sales to a multi-store, multi-million dollar operation. He’s “been there, done that.” Your audience will know it… and appreciate it. After owning his own award winning kite store, Bob has spent the past decade as a speaker teaching retailers, store owners and managers the nuts-and-bolts skills they need to run a successful business. In his work as a speaker, best-selling author and consultant, Bob has taken the customer-focused business philosophy he developed at his own retail business and applied it to the new realities of retail – increased competition, incredible price pressure, and 24/7 online shopping. KEYNOTES | PROGRAMS ★ Re-Imagining Retail [Format: 60 Minute] Are you ready to expand your thinking and the way you do business in order to thrive in this ever-changing economy filled with big box stores and eCommerce? A tremendous opportunity has emerged for local, independent retailers. The rapid increase of formulaic big box stores and impersonal online shopping is presenting a huge demand for personalized service and artfully crafted customer experiences. Great independents that are willing to evolve their stores to meet this growing need will thrive! But, if you cannot quickly adapt and keep up, you will lose out. In this powerful, thought-provoking keynote you will learn how to re-imagine your store and create the customer service “magic” needed to succeed in today’s competitive retail market. Bob invites you to truly ask yourself, “What Would My Customer Want?” ★ NEW! Marketing Program: Power Promotions – Drive More Traffic, Build Customer Loyalty and Make More Money With Promotions and Special Events! [90 Minute, Half Day, or Full Day] Fun, interesting and creative promotions and special events are a tremendous way for you, as an independent retailer, to distinguish your store from big box competition and internet merchants. You get a chance to show your personality!!! With a robust calendar of promotions you’ll be able to drive traffic, create “buzz” in your community and put LOTS more money in your register! You’ll learn: • How to structure your marketing calendar for the most impact. • How to use the Perpetual Improvement Process to make your events better and easier every year. • Bob’s absolute FAVORITE events! • The secret to getting tons of press coverage for your events • And much, much more… ★ NEW! Marketing Program: The All Important Customer Experience – Where Staff, Service and Selling Meet [90 Minute or Half Day] Creating an amazing and memorable customer experience is your secret weapon in today’s competitive marketplace. This program shows you how to unleash the potential of your staff, give them the tools they need to be successful and give your customers the experience they deserve. You’ll learn: • The 3 Pillars of an amazing customer experience. • How to use “The Big Switch” in your store to add massive value for your customers. • A customer focused philosophy as the basis of running your business. • Simple tactics to keep your team focused on giving your shoppers an amazing customer experience. • And much, much more… ★ NEW! Marketing Program: Stop Show Rooming Dead In Its Tracks! [90 Minute or Half Day] Are you tired of people coming into your store, sucking up your knowledge and then leaving to buy online for a lower price? Does it make you feel angry, frustrated and defeated? Yes, Show Rooming is an unpleasant reality of being a brick and mortar store owner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete! In this program you will get the strategies, tactics and techniques to stop Show Rooming dead in its tracks! You’ll learn… • The single most important thing every small store owner MUST understand to thrive in an ever changing retail environment. • How to use Show Rooming to your advantage. • Why adding extreme value is a tool big box stores and online merchants can’t use, but you can! • How to professionally turn the table on show-roomers who are in your store. • A super simple, and incredibly effective Loyalty Program that keeps people shopping with you, and not your competition. ★ NEW! Staff Development Program: Selling, Service, And Success – The Game-Changing Power Of Creating A Service Culture That Sells! [90 Minute or Half Day] Effective, customer-focused selling is not pushy or rude. It’s not manipulative or dependent on psychological trickery. It is the best customer service tool at the independent retailer’s command! Yet, so many retailers, armed with good intentions, start a sales training program but can’t quite get it to stick. They know, in their hearts, that there is a lot of money being left on the table but aren’t able to consistently get the most from every transaction. This program will show you exactly how to move past “training as an event” to an easy to implement system that keeps everyone focused on service, selling and the customer experience. In other words, creating a service culture that sells. In this workshop you’ll learn: • How to effortlessly get every customer to their “perfect purchase.” • The 3 steps to creating consistently amazing experiences. • On the floor, on the fly coaching techniques guaranteed every leader should know. • What over 90% of retailers are doing wrong and how to avoid these mistakes. • And much, much more… You will leave this program with an understanding of exactly what you need to do to give your customers a consistently amazing experience, give your team the tools they need to be successful and, most importantly, put lots more money in the bank. ★ NEW! Personal Development and Productivity Program: Get Productive! Experience Less Stress, Have More Fun, And Get More Done! [90 Minute] Are you caught in an almost never ending cycle of “spray and pray” – you put out a fire in your store and pray it doesn’t flare up again? Do you feel like you work harder and harder each year but never seem to get ahead? Has the pressure of running your business taken the joy out of owning it? If you answered “yes” then this program is for you! This program isn’t academic or generic. It was created by an independent retailer, just like you, to help you run a better business and have a better life! You’ll learn: • How to prioritize work and life. • How to dramatically boost your physical energy. • Why your beliefs about work, business, and money might be holding you back. • A simple secret that will help get the most important work done first. And lots, lots more! ** for full information on Bob's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


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6 Reviews
Barry Berman Founder, NexPet | A Co-op for Independent Pet Retailers, New York, NY
NexPet members LOVE Bob Negen!

NexPet members LOVE Bob Negen. He’s interesting, funny, and most importantly what he teaches works. One of our members increased his annual sales by more than $300,000 just by using the Cause Marketing strategy Bob teaches! If you are looking for a speaker who can really have an impact on your retailers I strongly recommend Bob Negen.

September 2019

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Kelly Larson, Executive Director, Great Lakes Ice Cream and Fast Food Association, Swartz Creek, MI
You made me look like a HERO.

Thanks, Bob! You made me look like a HERO. As chairperson of the education committee I was concerned that we find a speaker who would be relevant, exciting, and most importantly, practical. You were all that… and more!

September 2019

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Don Eurich, President, Eurich Management Services, Lansing, MI
Bob really delivers ...

Bob spoke at our last convention, and we had dozens of attendees state he was not only the best speaker at the National Nutritional Foods Association event, but he was the best speaker they have EVER heard! High praise I know, but Bob really delivers on topics like marketing for retailers, effective hiring practices, and my personal favorite, Why Won’t People Do What I Want Them To Do.

September 2019

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