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Bob developed his methodologies based on years of research into human development, and the principles behind elite performers in every field, from athletics to the financial industry. His strategies help individuals tap into their innate potential to achieve results, a principle that is applicable for anyone, regardless of their career. This unique range of application also allows Bob to tailor the time of his programs to suit the needs of your event. Whether you need a 45 minute introduction to unlocking your audiences' potential, or a day-long intensive program that will teach your audience the application of performance-focused tools, Bob Davies will work with you to create a truly customized experience. Bob Davies has decades of experience working with a diverse set of clients around the country, helping teams and managers break free from their routine and discover their unrealized potential. Using his engaging keynote presentations, Mr. Davies taps into a deep well of personal anecdotes and professional training to deliver a message that is clear, engaging and compelling. Mr. Davies' keynotes take advantage of his diverse fields of study and personal experiences to create a holistic understanding of both the barriers to success and the strategies for overcoming them. Contrary to what we may believe, our biggest competitor is not other companies or the environment in which we operate - It is ourselves. HOW TO ACHIEVE PERSONAL FULFILLMENT: Based on the principle that all human performance is either the avoidance of pain or the search for comfort, Mr. Davies uses gravity's unyielding force to illustrate that whether we accept or deny something as real, it will affect us indiscriminately. As humans subconsciously perceive an activity as uncomfortable, they instinctively avoid it and rationalize their behavior in order to justify their reluctance. This is a very common non-conscious process that causes individuals to think that they are too busy, or that they are already doing their best. There are three natural resistances that humans have that must be dealt with in order to improve performance and achieve personal fulfillment: 1. People will resist doing activities that they don't feel like doing. 2. People will resist doing activities that they perceive as being uncomfortable. 3. People will resist, fear, and avoid change. Overcoming the natural resistance to change does not require fighting human nature, but rather surrendering to it and shifting the way we perceive an activity. As an example, the audience will participate in a demonstration that takes something that is typically considered uncomfortable, like dieting, and shifts their perception of it so that it becomes seeking comfort rather than avoiding pain. It is simply a matter of perception, which, as Mr. Davies will demonstrate, we have the ability to control. In order to bring you a truly customized experience, titles of each keynote can be adapted to the theme of your conference. Most Requested Keynote titles: • The 1.2% Factor • The Manager as a Coach • It's All Attitude • Behavioral Economics - Understanding Why Your Clients Take On the Mind of the Market and What to do About It • Wellness program • A Culture of Safety - The Behavioral Approach • Entertainment Through Hypnosis For full details on Bob's keynotes see 'KEYNOTES' at his website linked below.


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2 Reviews
Kathy Hodge Allied Home Mortgage
I had great positive feedback on your presentation.

I had great positive feedback on your presentation. The branches enjoyed the variety and commented on your extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry. They enjoyed your speed talk with all the mortgage terminology.

August 2018

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Ken Woods, eFinity VP
We will be bringing you back - 100%...

You spoke to a seasoned audience that has heard plenty of tips about time management, goal setting, and how to be more successful. What you provided was clearly another level beyond that! I can tell you that we will be bringing you back - 100% for sure!

August 2018

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