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I am passionate about storytelling, which isn’t surprising since I grew up in a world surrounded by the incredible stories of my father, Louis L’Amour. My dad gave me the greatest gift; that of the love of language and storytelling, which opened up an entire universe of possibilities. I began spinning my own tales as soon as I could write. In 2009 I began writing about my own experience with cancer and found an entirely new audience, people who wanted to learn about my unique ability to find the positivity and humor in life threatening disease. In the years since I have spoken to many groups on the importance of your mindset to your outcome in any situation. I have recently headed back to my roots of writing fiction and I couldn't be more excited to explore new worlds of my making. Over the course of my writing career, I discovered a passion for passing along the many lessons learned, much like my father did for me. It’s an honor to work with so many inspired writers – and so many unforgettable, meaningful stories. SPEAKING: Frequent Speaking Topics... Where Are Your Feet? Staying in the moment is one of the hardest things to do in life. When you are diagnosed with a life threatening illness, have a devastating car accident or lose a job it can seem like the road ahead is impossible. Winston Churchill said, "If you are going through hell keep going. " This is how Angelique L'Amour dealt with her cancer diagnosis, by staying in the moment and continuing to move forward. Asking the question, "Where are your feet?" kept her grounded. Speaking to your group she will share her experience, strength and method for dealing with what is next in your life even when it seems impossible. ___________________________ Transitions: Journey to an Engaging and Fulfilling life Moments of transition truly become opportunities. For NY Times Bestselling author, Angelique L’Amour even when those times of transition seemed dark, inevitably, they led her to light. Relying on her optimistic spirit and faith Angelique believes there is always light to be found. The loss of 3 friends when she was 18, her father when she was 24, several miscarriages in the journey to have children and a chance encounter with a woman speaker who asked a very pertinent question all led Angelique to the woman she is today. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, she did what she had to do to survive. Raising two young girls with her husband life was busy and she managed to keep it all going without overwhelming her children with her cancer experience. Even when times seemed very dark and scary and she wondered how many times the finish line would move she managed to keep her head above water. Learn how times of transition lead you to new opportunities. ___________________________ Creating Compelling Characters As a reader we connect to who a character is. Their stories can take any number of different paths but unless we connect with who they are, how they make their decisions and what those decisions are we aren’t interested in their story. Join me as I lead your group on a development journey and we discover how to build compelling characters that your audience will connect with. Fiction, Creative non-fiction and Business leaders alike will learn what to develop and what to take away to engage their audience and customers. Available in workshop or lecture format. CONTACT ANGELIQUE AND HER TEAM TO CHECK ANGELIQUE'S AVAILABILITY TO SPEAK AT YOUR NEXT EVENT. AUTHOR COACHING: Work with Angelique to bring your incredible story to life. Everybody has a story in them. Are you yearning to let yours out? Do you have an idea for a novel but no idea how to start? Do you want to learn how to tell a compelling story? In our lives we connect with stories: the ones we read, the ones that make the fabric of our lives, and the ones we are destined to tell. True love, success, adventure all speak to the spirit born within us. Angelique's goal - as your coach - is to bring those stories to light, to encourage you to put them on paper to share with others in a way that will enrich the lives of your readers as they connect and engage with your writing. CONTACT ANGELIQUE FOR FULL INFORMATION HER UNIQUE AUTHOR COACHING PROGRAM.

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3 Reviews
Ericka Bryant
Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Angelique is not only an amazing and inspirational coach, she is an inspirational woman. Her tough questions made me think on a deeper level and made me a better writer. She has an uncanny ability to draw out things from the depth of one's soul that they didn't realize was there and to bring out the best in others. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I couldn't ask for a better coach.

February 2018

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Cathy Williamson, Cancer Survivor
She was basically my “cancer coach”

I have known Angelique for over 30 years, and when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, I went on the journey with her through her blog. I would have never guessed, that 3 years later, I would be going through that same journey. The first person I reached out to after my diagnoses was her. She was basically my “cancer coach”. She prepared me for every step of the way, and I am still so grateful to her! I could not have been more prepared for each hurdle that I had to cross.

February 2018

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Sepideh, GIFT for Women Seminar February 17, 2017
You are a remarkable speaker...

I enjoyed hearing your inspiring story of strength and courage. Your honesty is truly admirable. You are a remarkable speaker and managed to keep your connectedness with your audience the whole time.

February 2018

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