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Amy Purdy | TED Speaker, 3 X Paralympic Medalist, NY Times Best Seller, Diversity & Inclusion

“Years ago, when I first lost my legs, I did everything I could to hide my prosthetics. If no-one knew, that was success. Today, I realize the power of diversity, and that by proactively including people of all different beliefs and abilities, the end result is far more impactful than any one like-minded group could ever achieve. When we embrace the things that makes us unique, our true and remarkable capabilities are revealed.” - Amy Purdy Amy is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker who best selling books "On My Own Two Feet' has been published in ten languages around the world. She has been a keynote presenter for countless top brands including Coca- Cola, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, Dell, Disney, Microsoft, Pfizer and the U.S. Navy SEALs. Her TEDx talk “Living Beyond Limits” is used to instruct other TED presenters and has been translated into over 30 different languages. Her Goalcast talk “Live Inspired” has been viewed over 11 million times. SPEAKER | In-Person & Virtual Keynote Presentations: Be prepared to laugh, cry and stand up and cheer while listening to Amy deliver her keynote address, Living Beyond Limits. A veteran of the stage who has shared her story around the world, Purdy recounts a sudden, near-death experience that resulted in the loss of her legs, and the extraordinary journey she has been on ever since. A self-proclaimed ‘Fembot’, Purdy has toured with Oprah Winfrey, danced in front of millions, and been featured in a Superbowl commercial among countless other adventures. An expert in creativity and problem solving, Purdy empowers her audiences to believe that indeed anything is possible. She challenges everyone to see obstacles as opportunities all while sharing her secrets to developing grit and resilience in the face of any setback. ★ Living Beyond Limits with Amy Purdy [Program Description/ Why This Session is Important]: We all face challenges and obstacles in pursuit of our personal and business dreams. For most of us, those are day to day frustrations to which we often attribute far more weight than we should. For others, like Amy Purdy, those obstacles can include a life changing illness that nearly took her life and left her with a two prosthetics legs as an everyday reminder of her near-death experience. This not-to-be-missed session, in which this self-proclaimed ‘Fembot’ shares her remarkable story, weaves in the themes of creativity, visualization, peak performance and her personal mantra of ‘Inspiration is Contagious’ into an emotional rollercoaster of powerful storytelling that will take you from tears to cheers and redefine what it means to be inspired. After this Session You'll: · Be a fan of Amy Purdy. · See your own obstacles as opportunities from which to push off of to drive yourself new heights. · Never look at a person with a disability the same way again. ** For full information on Amy's services and bespoke options click to her website from this profile**


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3 Reviews
A true inspiration for anyone.

You were the highlight of the conference - a true inspiration for anyone that has faced any type of adversity in their lives and how to overcome obstacles.

April 2020

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Quicken Loans
The best part of our 4-day conference.

You were unquestionably the best part of our 4-day conference.

April 2020

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You stole the show.

Your life story really underscored the necessity and benefit of creativity and innovation in a way few others could express. You stole the show.

April 2020

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