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As a ​sales ​leader, ​Amy Franko ​built a successful and lucrative B2B sales career with global tech giants IBM and Lenovo. She then took a 180° pivot into entrepreneurship in 2007, launching a training company, Impact Instruction Group. She knows what it’s like to build a book of business and a Fortune 1000 client base from the bottom up. She has successfully navigated that steep curve, consistently selling 5-to-7 figure engagements with repeat business and loyal clients. Known for her dynamic style and practical experience, Amy has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. She is a ​female keynote speaker ​specializing in ​sales training​ and ​leadership development ​programs that blend current research, fresh insights, and real-world examples. It’s about intentional action! Her expertise is widely shared on social networks, and in respected publications such as ​Selling Power, TD Magazine, Training Industry, Training Magazine, and CLO Magazine​. She has been interviewed on numerous high-profile sales and leadership podcasts, and featured in ​Entrepreneur, Forbes, ​and ​O Magazine. Her book, The Modern Seller, is an Amazon best seller and was named a Top Sales Book of 2018 by Top Sales Magazine. AVAILABLE PRESENTATIONS When we work together, here’s Amy’s commitment to you: Energy. Conversation. Learning. Impact. You’ll benefit from Amy’s two decades of experience in B2B selling, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Your audience will get actionable strategies that create results. Amy and her team commit to an experience that’s more than worth your investment. We’re your partners in creating an unforgettable sales or leadership event! * THE MODERN SELLER: WIN BUSINESS AND CREATE LIFETIME VALUE IN THE NEW SALES ECONOMY Commoditization. The ROI Speedway. Invisible competitors. App-like mindsets. Less loyalty. Decision by committee. The Amazon Effect. RFP, RFP, RFP. Welcome to the new sales economy. ​One that has created a complete evolution in professional selling, and it’s challenging ​everything about the way sales organizations operate. It’s disruptive. It’s transformational. ​But with the right sales approach, it’s also full of opportunity to win. Are you ready for it? The new sales economy requires ​Modern Sellers​. Modern selling is the solution to building life-long clients and creating exponential sales growth, no matter how unpredictable and disruptive the environment. Outcomes: As a result of this ​sales keynote, sales leaders and professionals will be positioned to lead in the new sales economy, win bigger deals at higher margins, and grow clients for life. * ELEVATING RELATIONSHIPS FOR SALES RESULTS “Your social capital directly impacts the quality of your relationships, your thought leadership, and your sales results.” We live in a world that is hyper-connected. We’re less than two steps away from a key decision maker, influencer, or industry leader. So why is it that some sales professionals and sales leaders seem to effortlessly open relationship doors, while for others it’s a mighty struggle? Two words: Social. Capital. Social capital, otherwise known as our networks, is the most valuable currency in the sales profession. It goes beyond hyper-connectivity, into strategic relationships that create mutual reward, results and impact. Research shows that highly-successful organizations and individuals place a high value on social capital. They purposely invest it, knowing it has real benefits to the bottom line of business and life. Outcomes: Sales teams and leaders will be prepared to invest in and leverage social capital. To uncover more valuable opportunities, develop higher-level strategic partnerships, and ultimately create lasting business results for your organization. * THE RIPPLE EFFECT: LEADING WITH IMPACT AND INFLUENCE As a leader, there are countless demands, opportunities, and choices placed before you. You make hundreds of decisions each day, ranging from the subconscious and mundane to the complex and life-changing. Each decision is a drop that creates a ​ripple effect​ on those around you. A ​ripple effect​of results in your organization and beyond. No matter your title, your generation, or your background, ​leadership​is a choice. It’s a way of operating in the world that sets you apart. Conversations about impact and legacy often come later in life, as we look back at what we’ve accomplished and contributed. Imagine the results we could create if we instead looked forward — consciously designing our​ripple effect ​of impact and influence. How do you gauge if your leadership today will create lasting impact and influence? In this ​leadership keynote​,​ Amy Franko​ will share the key dimensions that leaders of impact and influence consciously cultivate. When you build these key dimensions, you’ll show up in a more courageous and impactful way. Today, and for the future you want to create. Outcomes: Leaders who are prepared to think more strategically and operate more intentionally in today’s always-on and ever-changing business climate. Leaders who are ready to act, to elevate their ​ripple effect ​across in their organization and beyond. WHO SHE WORKS WITH: Amy’s clients have spanned industry demographics, but they have a few essential elements in common. Sales:​ Her clients are usually working with complex opportunities that involve consultative selling, or they’re selling expertise. They’re looking to develop strategic sellers, and they want to implement a professional, consistent, and scalable ​sales ​process. Leadership: ​Her ​leadership ​clients are usually focused on building their front-line and mid-level leaders, sometimes known as the “missing middle.” They want to build high-impact leaders. And they want to create consistent and scalable ​leadership development ​programs that are also sustainable. Today she works primarily with professional services firms, insurance organizations, and tech companies.

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3 Reviews
Stephanie Union Director, Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter
Engaging and provided concrete examples ...

“Amy’s presentation was engaging and provided concrete examples of how to build social capital. She had some great tips to share. I would highly recommend her on this topic.”

August 2018

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Jen Miller. Sales, Leadership and Strategy Expert / Senior Leader for Global Services and Insurance Firm

“Wow! Amy Franko delivered an amazing keynote at our Sales Leadership Symposium. Her material resonated with our team. I expect to partner with Amy in the near future to collaborate, create, and plan for future impact on our sales communities.”

August 2018

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Andres Quintana Former Sales Manager, IBM
She is a excellent leader ...

Amy was great in helping The IBM Summit Program organize and define the strategy and task at hand regarding our enablement offerings. She is a excellent leader demonstrating strong facilitation skills and organization skills ensuring we identified the gaps and defined the content that is necessary for our program. Amy has managed to truly understand our issues and the immense complexity that exists with all the moving parts of the program."

August 2018

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