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Alice R. Heiman | Sales Enthusiast, Strategist, Innovator

Excellent Virtual Presentations Alice's speaking engagements, both in person and live online are high-energy, engaging experiences that get you to think differently and make changes to get the sales you need. "Alice is a game-changer and delivers value far beyond your expectations." Matt Gresge, CEO of AIA Corporation Alice has provided her expertise to the C-level and sales leaders of start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Alice began developing her expertise in sales while at Miller Heiman, Inc. (Now Miller Heiman Group) During her time there she worked with some of the company’s largest and most complex accounts: Coca Cola, Dow Chemical, Fidelity Investments and Hewlett Packard. For the past 20 years Alice has provided keynotes to numerous conferences and professional organizations throughout the country, more recently to ASI - Advertising Specialty Institute, Sales 3.0 - the conference of Selling Power Magazine, AIA Corporation, Rev It Up - Women Sales Pros conference, AA-ISP's Leadership Conference, the Modus Client Summit, the Bregal Sagemount Big Exit summit. She has appeared on radio, television, podcasts and has been featured in Entrepreneur’s Startups and Selling Power Magazines. Her articles on sales & sales management have been published in Forbes, HubSpot, Women Sales Pros, and Selling Power. She’s been named Sales woman of the Year, Marketer of the Year, received the Community Spirit Award from her Chamber of Commerce, and the Small Business Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Alice is consistently named to the lists of top sales experts like ★Sales Hacker's 38 Most Dynamic Women in Sales and ★Top Sales World 2019 Top Keynote Speakers INTERACTIVE & ENGAGING KEYNOTES: ★ Customers for Life: The Art of Retaining Your Top Customers Format: 30 to 60 minute Keynote, 90 minute workshop/breakout, on stage or online Perfect for: Senior Sales Leaders and Sales Managers Is your company focused on repeat business or are you always out looking for new customers? Did you know the flow of new customers can come from your current customers? Retaining your top customers is critical to sustainable growth. Discover how your team can work to retain your top customers: • Wow them: Onboarding success • Love them: Build and strengthen relationships • Sell them: Get repeat business and upsells • Develop them: They will become your best referral source Join Alice Heiman to learn how to develop a process for customer retention that will deliver loyal lifetime customers that grow with you. ★ Poorly Positioned: Ask These Questions to Close Deals Faster Format: 30 to 60 minute Keynote, 90 minute workshop/breakout Perfect for: Sales Managers who want their team to close more deals What happened to that deal, the one that was a sure thing? Why is it taking so long to close? You are not the only one asking your salespeople these questions. Imagine if you had some magic to coach them to get deals unstuck. What if they could move deals along faster? The magic is in the questions you ask your salespeople about their deals. They will get more deals closed more quickly if you ask them the right questions. Discover these benefits of asking your salespeople the right questions: • A shorter sales cycle • More accurate forecasting • More closed deals Alice will share the questions you need to ask to keep your team moving deals forward, closing and hitting quota. ★ Drive Sales Growth: It Starts with You! Format: 30 to 60 minute Keynote, 90 minute workshop/breakout Perfect for: Company Leaders, Senior Sales Leaders, Sales Managers When sales are down do you look at your sales leadership and their team? Are you searching for the reason? The market, the economy, the competition, the product, the team. Stop! The only place you need to look is in the mirror. What are you doing to prevent sales? Driving sales growth starts with you. That may be tough to swallow but you are tough, and you can make the transformation you need to drive real sales growth. Discover what role your mindset, skill set, and tool set play in winning. Gain new insight on how: • Your brain can power your sales • Your choices change the way your company sells • You have the power to drive sales growth You'll leave recharged and ready to transform the way you drive sales growth. ★Making Minutes! More Time for What Matters Most Format: 30 to 60 minute Keynote, 90 minute workshop/breakout. Perfect for: Senior Sales Leaders, Sales Managers, Salespeople who want to perform at their best A day in the life of a sales leader is full of interruptions, fire fighting, and reports, leaving little time to do what matters most - coaching salespeople to close business. Imagine having the time you need to coach and develop your team. Making Minutes! is a program that combines productivity, life balance and mindfulness to let you focus on what is most important and impactful. Ultimately, the goal is to free up time so you can do what you consider to be most important. Creating a healthier and happier sales leader will ultimately lead to a significant increase in team efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, as well. ★ Dependable Revenue: Using Trade Show & Events to Generate Qualified Leads Format: 30 to 60 minute Keynote, 90 minute workshop/breakout. Perfect for: Senior Sales Leaders, Sales Managers, Marketing Leaders that need better ROI from Trade Shows. Do you exhibit at conferences and trade shows? Do you hold your own events? Do you sponsor events? The time, money and resources you spend on events should provide a predictable revenue stream but too often they are a big expense with no measurable results. Why settle for an expense when your team could be generating qualified leads to fill your pipeline? Discover how to: • Stand out and be memorable • Prepare to get qualified leads • Follow up flawlessly Whether you’ve been doing events for 30 years or you are just starting, Alice brings you ideas that will change the outcome of your events so that your team generates revenue by turning leads into deals. **For detailed information on Alice’s full range of services and client options follow the link to her website**


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7 Reviews
Lori Richardson
If you need an exceptional speaker hire Alice Heiman.

Alice’s energy and enthusiasm engages the audience from the minute they arrive. As she began her presentation, she quickly piqued their curiosity, delivered thoughtful content and gave them an opportunity to incorporate it into their world. The audience walked away with actionable ideas they were excited to employ. If you need an exceptional speaker hire Alice Heiman.

October 2019

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Melissa Molyneaux, Colliers International
One of the greatest presenters!

Alice is hands down, one of the greatest presenters! She delivers a message that has real take-home value.

October 2019

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Christoph J Wittmann, CIO InfoSearch International
Alice is a talented and motivational speaker.

Alice is a talented and motivational speaker. She has an incredible depth of knowledge and experience in the realm of sales. She’ll take your organization to the next level of performance.

October 2019

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