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Resilience • Courage • Attitude • Risk • Safety WHAT AARON BRINGS TO YOUR EVENT... Book a polar explorer and world-record holder for your next event. Aaron Linsdau will inspire your audience to do things they never imagined with his stories from Antarctica and other forgotten places around the world. He takes audiences on an emotional journey to a frozen continent where a single misstep can result in death. This entertaining adventurer brings energy and surprises. He creates a thought-provoking conversation that lasts long after his speech. Audiences receive takeaways that are immediately applicable to their lives and careers. AARON'S TOPICS AND MESSAGE ... Aaron shares a message of how the common person can achieve uncommon goals. Audiences come away realizing that they can do things they thought completely impossible. His message is applicable to both leaders and teams. Create positive, permanent change in how people in your business or organization believe about themselves and what they can do. He encourages them to think about themselves in a different way. He shows people that they have far greater potential than they realize. He focuses on building grit, generating courage, and maintaining a positive attitude when confronted with adversity. People face unending and enormous pressures today. Aaron's message teaches that regardless of background, gender, or physical ability, people can achieve remarkable goals. When times become difficult, Aaron's talk helps people persevere through seemingly impossible challenges. Aaron also speaks on safety topics: complacency, decision-making, and how to manage small problems before they become big. WORKING WITH MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER AARON LINSDAU... Aaron Linsdau is easy to work with, flexible, and energetic. He eliminates a meeting planner's stress out of hiring a speaker. Being adaptable to conditions is what kept Aaron alive in Antarctica and on the world's highest peaks. He translates that skill into delivering the exact message you need. His stories engage, energize, entertain, and educate corporate and organization audiences. All of Aaron's presentations are family-friendly. You never have to worry that he might use inappropriate language or stories that might embarrass you or your organization. He respects the time limit and sticks to it. ABOUT AARON LINSDAU... Aaron Linsdau holds the world record for the longest expedition to the South Pole. Aaron survived 82 days alone in Antarctica, eating two sticks of butter every day to survive and stay warm. He has climbed on Denali solo, trekked across the Greenland tundra, and climbed Kilimanjaro. Aaron was recently awarded the National Eagle Scout Association's Outstanding Eagle Scout Award. He has authored two books and produced a documentary. Antarctic Tears chronicles his survival story at the South Pole. PROGRAM INFORMATION... POSITIVITY ON THE PLATEAU: LEADING THROUGH STORMS, PITFALLS, AND ADVERSITY: Overview Leading a team or organization is the same as navigating an Antarctic whiteout. Conditions will be trying every day. Individuals must believe that leaders have their best interests in mind. Leaders can change the mindset of their team when they themselves think positively. Expected Outcomes This keynote focuses on realigning the perspective of leaders. It helps them understand the value of individual contributions. The audience will perceive challenges as opportunities and be inspired to take initiative. They will walk away feeling energized, inspired, and engaged to create positive results. Key Takeaways - Understanding how to create an attitude for success to improve performance - How to take advantage of difficulties when pursuing lofty goals to achieve even greater results - Tactics to create positive team psychology ______________________ SKIING ALONE TO THE SOUTH POLE: PERSEVERANCE FOR SUCCESS: Overview Aaron Linsdau shows that the common person can achieve uncommon goals. What does a polar explorer look like? Are they tall, huge, and hairy? Quite the contrary - they look like anyone else. But they have a special skill: eating raw sticks of butter. Stories from Antarctica inspire. Learn the answer to the big question of what it takes to be alone for three months and survive. Expected Outcomes Audiences experience what it's like to survive in the worst conditions imaginable. They'll learn valuable life lessons that are immediately applicable. All will be frozen to their seats, feel like they're in Antarctica, and be inspired to do their own amazing things. Key Takeaways - Inspiration with a can-do attitude - Understanding that the mind is far more powerful than the body and how to apply that knowledge - Three key ways to maintain a positive attitude during adversity ______________________ FACING THE IMPOSSIBLE WITH A SMILE: PREPARING FOR THE UNKNOWN: Additional Program: Crossing the Unexplored Continent: Preparation for Unknown Overview When plans are made, they're created with information available at the time. It's impossible to know how people and equipment will cope in unexpected circumstances. There will always be trouble. It's possible to prepare for the inevitable setbacks. Planning for eventualities is critical to pursuing lofty goals. Expected Outcomes This keynote teaches audiences how to look differently at overwhelming odds. Aaron's hard-won experience from Antarctica is immediately applicable. This presentation makes audiences feel that they can face adversity and know they'll succeed. People will leave with excited buzz of knowing they can be prepared for any eventuality. Key Takeaways - Understanding how to envision challenges before they happen - A process for foreseeing problems and how to create tools to deal with them - With the right vision, a collection of unrelated scraps can be turned into tools to keep a team moving forward


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6 Reviews
Bill Sears, Bonita, CA
Best program we can remember.

“Best program we can remember. People were talking about it long afterwards. They never do that.”

December 2017

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Nancy Carpenedo, Idaho State University Friends for Learning
Never have I had as many comments and complements!

I have to tell you that over the years I have facilitated many varied programs and never have I had as many comments and complements as I did after you spoke.”

December 2017

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Valerie Maginnis, Director.
Truly inspiring.

“Aaron’s presentation was truly inspiring in that here’s an individual that challenged himself to his highest potential and was alone in that venture, having to rely on his fortitude, his strength, his creativity. Yes, I would certainly recommend Aaron as a motivational speaker to organizations and to age groups at all levels. His engaging personality, his approachability, and Aaron has a knack with people.”

December 2017

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